Road Raged

Maricor Laza-Luza, daughter of Hagonoy mayor Conrado Laza  shared in facebook her rant directed against the slow pace of construction along the Sta. Cruz National High-way. The post coupled with a video went viral after being shared by RJ Nieto/Thinking Pinoy.

Dear Secretary Villar,

I am Maricor Laza-Luza and I currently live in Davao City because my children’s school is here. But I lived most of my life in Digos City, Davao del Sur. For your info, to go to Davao City from Digos and vice-versa, we have to traverse just the roads of just one municipality, and that’s of Sta. Cruz, Davao del Sur. All my life and if you have to ask everyone from Digos (because Davao is the nearest city we go to), the roads in Sta Cruz was never fixed-ever! My Dad (a retired PNP General, now currently the Mayor of Hagonoy, Davao del Sur) told us that when he was first assigned in Digos after graduating from the Philippine Military Academy, the road in Sta Cruz is already in that poor state, now that he’s retired, with grandkids and has lived over half the number of his life, Sta Cruz’s road is still in the same worst state. That’s some good 40 years there. I could also say the same thing. I drove those roads everyday for two years when I sent my child to a school in Davao City and go home to Digos after (2013-2015) and I’ve actually lost track of the many repairs, fixings, pavings, breaking of (what seemed good) concretes, demolishing, rerouting and every bad thing there is that one could encounter in this modern time’s highway. You see, it’s 2017 now and we are still experiencing the same.

When my siblings and I took a land trip to Manila, we’re able to conclude that the worst road there is is that of Sta Cruz’s. That’s how bad the state of the highway is in there.

We’ve heard horrific stories of 4-6 hours of standstill traffic because of car accidents or truck breakdowns that it literally blocks the only road that’s being utilized (because repairs are done on the other side of the road, again). Stories of people missing their flight, patients dying in the ambulance or during emergency med evacuation to Davao. And just last July, me and my sister saw right in our very eyes a motorcycle rider literally flew and got slammed on the highway like a rag doll because in the middle of the highway, there’s a two to three meter gaping-unpaved part of it. No light, no early warning device, just a surprise waiting for the unsuspecting motorists. When we talked to the vice governor (the daughter of the mayor of Sta Cruz about the incident) the big gape was instantaneously filled, fixed and cemented. A proof that something can actually be done if desired.

I drive a small Suzuki Swift, I can feel all the bumps and even the newly paved roads? It’s paved unevenly! Also the approach of these newly built bridges? It’s very “sharp” that it gives a very hard thud in the car. I represent the common tao, Secretary Villar, we don’t ride on SUVs. Just recently, I have to pay 50k for the suspension repair of my car, I admit it’s not a new car but I believe the bad roads in Sta Cruz has advanced the natural course of its wear and tear.

The video I sent you is that of the Quinokol Bridge, it has been on that state for over 3 years now or perhaps more. We’ve been living on this bad excuse of roads for the longest time. We feel no sympathy from the government for all the hardship all has to go through with these roads. It’s like we are expected to suck it up and just wait for kingdom come to see for ourselves nicely paved roads. For this bridge alone, we are just talking about the great hassle it’s causing to all the motorists. We’ve not even gone yet to the money that all has gone to waste in building (and not completing) it. At this point, they are breaking and demolishing the railings that was actually built together with the new bridge, why? We have no idea. Why are projects in Sta Cruz always demolished before it even sees completion?

Another is the Tagabuli bridge, a new bridge was built beside the old one. At one point, both were open making everyone happy for the ease, then they closed the old one, demolished the approach part of it, opened it right after, left the demolished part with all it’s rocks and lubak, closed the new one and did God only knows what again with the newly built bridge.

The bridge near the new public terminal is also another story. For the longest time, it had gaping holes that would fit a motorcycle in it and that you’d already actually see the river under it. What they did? Placed metal plates. It’s so scary that I think one way or another, that the hole already compromised the integrity of the bridge. This is AH26, national highway, large heavy trucks pass exactly by that bridge. I know I’m not learned and not an engineer but I think it’s common sense that that’s not the long term solution for it. But it ran months or if not, a year with just that band-aid solution. Now, they built metal bridges on the side, but the part before reaching the bridge? You’d be confronted with potholes that my car would almost fit it.

Secretary Villar, we are desperate for these roads in Sta Cruz that we fitted by only jokingly calling it forever. Buti pa ang road ng Sta Cruz may forever, forever sira, forever repair. I hope you hear our cry.

I invite you to take a ride on my car, your security can follow us in the SUVs and in their security vehicle and I’ll show you that I am not exaggerating. I will show you exactly what I’ve been talking about and more.

Thank You! We have our hopes pinned on this message and to you. #BuildBuildBuild better roads in Sta Cruz, Davao del Sur, please.

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