SAAD Project


Members of the T’boli tribe in Maitum, Saranggani Province yesterday celebrated with Thanksgiving prayers and dances their first harvest of upland organic rice funded by the Agriculture Department under the Special Area for Agricultural Development (SAAD).

Tribal leaders of Barangay Upo, Maitum said it was the first time that they were given government support in planting indigenous rice varieties.

Barangay Upo is one of the areas selected by the Provincial Government of Saranggani under Gov. Steve Solon as pilot areas for livelihood programs funded by SAAD.

SAAD, which I personally conceptualized, identifies the poorest provinces of the country which are given an additional.funding support of P100-M to combat poverty.

In Saranggani, the SAAD targetted the tribal communities and identified potential livelihood activities.

The organic rice production program for tribal communities in Saranngani was funded with an initial P25-M released last year.

Yesterday, the remaining P75-M was released by the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries to the Saranggani Provincial Government.

Yesterday, I committed seven units of single-pass rice dehullers which be given to the tribal farmers involved in upland rice production.

On November 7, the T’bolis of Saranggani will display their upland organic rice during the Tienda activity in Fort Bonifacio.

President Rody Duterte will attend the Tienda event, the first in a military camp and the first involving the T’bolis of Saranggani.

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