San Beda College’s Graduate School of Law in partnership with Cor Jesu College will soon offer a masters degree program for legal studies. Come this November 2016, San Beda will conduct an offsite teaching program far away from its Manila campus. Lawyers in Davao del Sur and nearby provinces are invited to participate in this rare educational opportunity. Once a month, San Beda will send an instructor to the Digos campus of Cor Jesu College.

Prospective enrollees to the program may be intimated as it requires full upfront tuition payment at Php 45,000.00. Fortunately, Cor Jesu College is willing to invest in attracting prospective students.The Catholic school is willing to advance payment for the tuition of lawyers, even those without any teaching post in the college’s law program.  Cor Jesu’s offer is to advance the payment of P45,000. Non-professors will only pay P22,500 in cash upon enrollment and the balance of P22,500 to be covered by a post dated check payable within the semester.

This limited educational opportunity will allow lawyers  to upgrade their  scholastic credentials. With this partnership program attorneys based in Mindanao need no longer travel to and fro the busy streets of Manila, consuming precious time and resources. Interested participants can contact Dean Genevieve Brandares-Paulino, LLB of Cor Jesu Law for further details.


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