Bugak na Sosyal!

Nestled in the heart of every Cebuano is the village watering hole. While hand-powered water pumps are more common, areas where streams are present provide the best kind of potable water. Within these streams are the aquifers which clean running water can be found. Locales blessed to have these water beds offer respite in the event of  piped water disappearing. When the NAWASA is gone, go to what we Cebuanos call the bugak.

Shyren’s Bugak Spring Resort evolves the concept to its next level. Hidden away in the valleys of Bansalan town is Shyren’s fresh spring water resort. The resort is carved from the hillside with a steady torrent of water gushing from the decorative statues. The resort hosts three pools, cottages and tree houses for shade.



The Association of South Davao Hotels, Accommodations, Resorts and Tourism Stakeholders (ASDHARTS) was recently invited to the place for its meeting. Established recently, the resort seeks to attract new customers and offer the resort to potential customers in Manila. The resort is still upgrading its amenities. With new steps for ease of access, the resort is still hard at work improving their infrastructure. The management is also investing in developing its human resources to keep up with international standards of hospitality management.

For a mountaineer, getting to the resort is a breeze. Common mortals like you and me however have to stagger down and upwards for the steep climb. The positive thing is that the climb down offers a magnificent view of the Mount Apo mountain range. The short drive from the highway offers a good way to spread your legs and exercise. The remoteness of Shyren’s is also a good asset for people avoiding stress from work.

Verdict: Those looking for an alternative to beaches and chlorinated pools in Davao del Sur should take a dive at Shyren’s Bugak. The venue offers superb value for money and as of yet, offers legroom to swim.



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