Hidden Korean Treasure

More and more expatriates come to retire in this little part of the world. Along with these expats are the wealth of cultural and gastronomic delights they bring from their home countries. Places like Takashi’s Japanese Restaurant offer genuine foreign dining experience courtesy of a Japanese chef working with Nakayama Factory. Only recently were these experiences relegated to urban Davao.  A little known and hard to spot resto of this genre is Mama’s Noodle House.

Located in Datoc Compund going to Sunvalley resort, Mama’s Noodle House is Digos’ newest Korean restaurant. Popular for their hand-made noodles, the place is memorable for being managed by an expat Korean living with his wife. If you’re fortunate enough, you can listen to his labors of love. For a diner of its quality, you’d be confused as the subdivision camouflages its true beauty. Which is all the more amusing as the tables are arranged from a renovated garage. Save for a small billboard you wouldn’t even think that there was a great meal waiting inside.

Mama's Noodle House

Not even entirely sure if this map is accurate. Basta it’s somewhere in the general vicinity.

What separates Mama’s from its price range competitors is the commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Unique is the offering of refillable side-dishes – by themselves delectable treats. You can taste the spiciness of each dish with the generous sprinkling of handmade chili powder. The use of palm oil is foregone in lieu of healthier sunflower oil.  The place only uses purified water from food preparation to cleaning dishes.  The proprietor invests serious effort for taste and presentation. The commitment shows in its meals.

The variety of food offerings confer a distinct advantage for those looking for more variety in the already crowded foodscape of Digos. The wide array of noodles make for an invitation to dine again and again. The slices of pork are generous and guarantee a full meal. It entices you to return to taste and challenge every single item available. From its beef to fresh vegetables, the taste of the food is far better than commercial chain restaurants. Also available are imported Korean ice cream stored nearby for desserts.

That said the restaurant does have serious drawbacks. The least of which is the incredibly comedic Korean-English in its menu. Since our latest visit,  many hard to prepare but dishes have to be reserved hours before. Surprisingly even noodles such as jjampong and other unwritables are only available for those who prepare their meals hours in advance. Which is a serious offense for casual restaurant goers. So if you’re looking to just pass by then we can hardly recommend Mama’s Noodles.

That said the real value of the resto is the diversity of the offerings. Unsurprisingly the food is attracting a loyal following of Digos’ residents. The simplicity of the presentation masks its great flavor and beauty. For those living in Digos we highly recommend.


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