Building Kites; Bridging Legacies

(Padada, Davao del Sur) (May 14, 2016) – The basketball court of St. Michael’s School of Padada is busy with the throng of children. Here though, there is no DOTA or cheerdance, but children with their heads on the ground, listening to their instructor. The kids are taking part in a Kite Making workshop sponsored by the Rotary Club of South Digos. With kits provided by the club, the children are busy assembling simple kites out of household. The workshop is a part of Padada’s fifth Tabanog Festival held from May 14-15, 2016. 

First conceived as a fund-raising program, the Tabanog Festivals are since taking on lives of their own. The festival attracts locals and tourists to make their own kites in a series of contests based on beauty, skill and creativity. Every year since 2012, the cemetery grounds of Padada hosts the kite runners from across the country . With the support of various stakeholders and professional kiters, the festival is gaining renown nationwide.

Rotary President Jojo Dofiles and President-Elect Eng Calgas took the time to lend support for the program. The Rotary Club supported the workshop and festival as part of its 6-point thrust in spurring local and economic development. With the donations and contributions from club members and their industries, the Rotary club provided snacks and bought the materials to the workshop participants. Additionally, Rotarians provided favored discounts from their allied businesses.


Rotarians attend the second day of the festival.

The program is organized with the efforts of the St. Michael’s Batch 80 High School Alumni Association, Padada’s tourism office and the Kite Association of the Philippines. The proceeds of the program go to a mangrove reservation on the coastal town.



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