Kontra Daya-SMR: Number of voters for Region XI anomalous

Press Release from Kontra Daya-SMR:

Election watchdog Kontra Daya Southern Mindanao raises questions on the anomalous number of voters as reported in the Comelec website, especially for Region XI or Southern Mindanao Region.

After rummaging through the Comelec website, we found out that the latest Consolidated Quarterly Progress Report of the Comelec was only for July 10, 2015 Election Registration Board hearing. In the report, one can find the total number of registered voters for each region among other information. This is shown in column B in the attached table. Also in the same table, one can see the final total number of registered voters (column D) which can also be found in the Comelec website.

If we compare the two sets of data, we would expect bigger values for the final tally as more voters are supposed to have registered from July 10 up to the registration deadline last October 31. Indeed, we found such trend for all regions EXCEPT for region XI, where there is a net reduction of 51,252 registered voters from July 10 to the final tally.

Is the Comelec trying to single out Region XI?

We call on the Comelec to explain this anomalous figure. Are we beginning to see an indicator of fraud in the 2016 elections just like the mysterious 60-30-10 trend in the 2013 elections?

Kontra Daya Southern Mindanao is set to be launched on February 27 through a public forum. We are inviting interested groups and individuals who are concerned about the outcome of this election be part of the Davao City-based election watchdog. We need many dedicated information technology (IT), numbers, and legal experts to scrutinize the automated election system and its results. We can be contacted through our hotlines 0922-408-7910 (Sun), 0909-789-0800 (TnT), 0926-791-7961 (TM), email kontradaya.smr@gmail.com, or throughfacebook.com/KontraDayaSouthernMindanao.

February 8, 2016
Press Statement
Kontra Daya Southern Mindanao
Davao City

a http://www.comelec.gov.ph/…
b Final tally of the Comelec. Link: http://www.comelec.gov.ph/…


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