Going nation-wide

Starting Feb. 6 from 6 to 7 a.m. every Saturday, a new radio program which I will co-host with veteran radio broadcaster Henry Uri will be aired over DZRH and more than 100 Radyo Natin stations all over the country.

The radio program, “Adbokasiya,” will also be seen on RHTV cable network which has over 3-million subscribers and via Live Streaming which could be seen all over the world.

“Adbokasiya” is the answer to the many requests I received to expand the regional radio program, “Mindanao, Panahon Na!” which was started over seven radio stations in Central Mindanao three weeks ago.

Aired three times a week, Monday, Tuesday and Saturday, “Mindanao, Panahon Na!” is heard over three major stations of the Catholic Radio Network Notre Dame Broadcasting Corporation through stations DXND in Kidapawan City, DXMS in Cotabato City and DXOM in Koronadal City.

It is also carried by Manny Pacquiao’s DXBB Radyo Alerto in General Santos City, WOW Radio in Midsayap, North Cotabato, Radyo Natin in Kidapawan City and NICE FM also in Kidapawan City.

In the “Mindanao, Panahon Na!” radio program which I anchor along with my brothers, retired police colonel Patricio and former congressman Bernardo Jr., I explain to the listeners the issues involved in electing the near President of the Philippines.

While I am admittedly a supporter of Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte, I do my best to be forthright and frank in explaining why I believe Duterte would be the best choice for President.

I was pleasantly surprised by the very positive reaction of those who listened to the program live and through SoundCloud.com where we uploaded the recorded version of the program.

Requests that the same radio program be aired over other parts of the country to explain “Federalism,” the “Available and Affordable Food,” and the anti-drugs and anti-crime advocacies of Mayor Duterte, among others, were received prompting me to consider a nation-wide program.

Through the facilities of the very popular and powerful radio station DZRH, the over 100 Radyo Natin FM stations and RHTV with its 3 million subscribers, “Adbokasiya” will help make people understand the crucial issues involved in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

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