The new backyard chicken line called Manok Pinoy which I developed in the Braveheart Farms in Kidapawan City, North Cotabato could now be shared with other farmers.

There are now two strains available – the Black Manok Pinoy and the Red Manok Pinoy – and both lines are ideal for free-range raising.

This new breed produces brown eggs and is ideal for the meat market as it grows to about 1 kilo in weight in 100 to 120 days.

I actually developed Manok Pinoy by upgrading the native chicken which are largely mongrels with no definitive genotypes or phenotypes, meaning there is no defined physical appearance and no consistent genetic traits.

With the Manok Pinoy, however, the offsprings would only come either red or black depending on the breeding materials other backyard breeders would acquire from the farm.

Braveheart Farms is now offering the Manok Pinoy breeding materials which are actually pullets and cockerels for only P500 per head plus the cost of shipment.

I will only accept orders of not less than 12 heads to make it easier for us to ship.

The 12 heads would be two cockerels, or males, and 10 pullets, or females, for a breeding ratio of one male to five female. This ratio in my experience is the most ideal to make sure that the hens are served well by the roosters and the egg fertility is very high.

For those interested, please contact me directly at 09167972871 or my farm manager, Joyce Tupas, at 09204044171.

There are only about 240 heads available initially so we will respond to your orders on a first come first served basis.

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