Daylight robbery?

Yesterday, I bought my third mobile internet device from Sun cellular hoping that while I am in my farm in Paco, Kidapawan City, I would still have access to the internet.

I actually have two other devices, a post-paid mobile Wi-Fi from Smart and a pre-paid unit from Globe.

I pay P999 for the Smart device and almost the same amount for the pre-paid Globe for a one-month Unli-Surf,

But both of these networks could not provide me a consistent and strong signal from the Smart and Globe towers located just a few kilometers away.

The Sun unit which I bought yesterday cost me P1,700 for the unit and another P999 for a one month Unli-Surf.

It worked initially well but a few kilometers away from the city proper, there simply was no signal that the device could detect.

This leads me to conclude that there is a daylight robbery being perpetrated by these big telecommunications companies on suckers like me.

The cruel joke played against us consumers is that when we forget to pay our bills on time, we immediately get an endless barrage of text messages from the telecoms collectors.

Any further delay and we get a letter from their lawyers.

On 12647389_954477557968047_1176042905253587811_nthe other hand, we have nobody to run to or no government agency to address our complaints on the very poor services of the telecoms company.

Communications is a multi-billion peso industry and I cannot imagine that until today, government has not established a watchdog that would protect the rights of consumers.

I was a bit lucky today because after about two hours of persistent clicks, I finally got a connection through one of the three servers.

But my lucky days are so few compared to the times when I could only scratch my head and pull my thinning hair in exasperation.

I already have Smart, Globe and Sun but most of the times, I still hope there would be Moon and Stars to provide me relief.

The next President should really look into the state of telecommunications services in the country because the very poor connections affect the economic growth of the country.

(Photo shows my three devices which hardly provide me link to the internet.)


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