Feeding Millions

With the country’s population now at 105-million and growing at a rate of 2.1% every year, how would President Rody Duterte make food “Available and Affordable” for Filipinos?

This is the question which will be answered in the book that I am writing and which will see print in three weeks – Feeding Millions.

To the followers of this page who might be wondering why the posts in this page have dwindled over the last few days, the task of finishing the book before the start of the campaign period is the reason behind it all.

Feeding Millions, the book, is all about the Agriculture and Food Security Agenda of Duterte and the thoughts shared in the book are all products of intense intellectual discussions I made with him over the last two years.

It would explain in detail what Duterte and his running mate, vice presidential candidate Alan Peter Cayetano, would do to ensure that food is available and affordable to the Filipinos.

Last night, in a very quick meeting with Rody Duterte, I pointed out that the ordinary Filipino worker who earns the minimum daily wage of P400 could no longer afford to buy a kilo of beef.

Duterte said that this is because the cost of producing food in the Philippines is so high, Filipino consumers can hardly afford to buy nutritious food.

The growth in the agriculture sector in the country last year was a measly 0.11% while the population growth is 2.1%.

How Duterte and Cayetano will reformat Philippine agriculture and enhance food production not only for the needs of the Filipinos but also to provide jobs and income to people in the farming communities will be answered in the book Feeding Millions.

The book will be on sale right after its launching and the proceeds from the book, minus the cost of printing and other expenses incurred in its production and of course the taxes which will be imposed, will be used to support the presidential bid of Rody Duterte.

Please wait for instructions on how you could order and buy the book which will be posted next week.

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