DavSur broadcaster jailed for libel

K-37 Muews Radio broadcaster Arvin “Jun Blanco” Malaza was arrested today at 4PM. The radioman was jailed by virtue of a warrant of arrest for 6 counts of libel filed against him by former Digos City mayor Arsenio Latasa. The controversial media personality is currently in the Digos City jail. Malaza’s lawyer, Atty. Flor Heramiz-Sarido was unable to file for bail as RTC Branch 19 Judge Carmelita Sarno Davin left the office.

The case began last year when Jun Blanco insinuated that the former mayor used funds from the city government to build an Olympic-sized swimming pool in his house. Blanco also alleged that Latasa was the mastermind of extra-judicial killings perpetuated by Davao Death Squad copycats in Digos during 1992-2010.  Last September 2015, more than 200 counts of libel were filed against the radioman which were later compressed into 6 cases.

Jun Blanco became infamous last year when he harangued a public employee with a videotaped argumentation. The video became viral earning Blanco with derogatory remarks from netizens.

Blanco asserts that the case is a harassment tactic from the camp of Latasa. Latasa is currently running as governor for the province of Davao del Sur against former governor Douglas “Dodo” Cagas. Jun Blanco is part of the board member line-up of Cagas’s Hugpong coalition.



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