Five months before Filipinos go to the voting precincts to elect the country’s next President, many still could not understand the personality, character and language of a very controversial political figure, Davao City Mayor Rody Duterte.

This morning, I was surprised to see my face in a composite image which accompanied an article posted in the getreal blogsite.

The article said:

“Duterte’s supporters were shattered from what they heard from Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte weeks ago when asked whom he will support in case the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) disqualifies him in the presidential race come May 2016.

“Kapag na-disqualify ako, I will campaign for Binay [If I will be disqualified, I will campaign for Binay],” said Duterte to show his disapproval on his bitter rival, Mar Roxas.

“This does not sound right to the ears of many of his supporters. They could not believe what they heard hoping that their main bet is simply kidding, just like the way Duterte did with some of his statements concerning national and important issues.

“It can be recalled that supporters of Duterte wholeheartedly believe the “iron fist” that Duterte is selling in his media appearances. “This iron fist is the solution to the deep-rooted corruption in the Philippines” as what normally the cries of Duterte’s supporters especially on social media.

“Even Manny Piñol, a staunch supporter of Duterte, made an article in his column connecting VP Binay to many corruption issues.

“Now the one whom they are hoping to fight corruption in the country is throwing its support to the one they considered as a corrupt!”

Just like many others, the writer of the article simply does not know the real Duterte and his peculiar and colourful language.

Duterte’s “support for Binay” is no different than his threat to throw corrupt officials, criminals and drug dealers into the Manila Bay to “fatten the fish.”

It is no different than his pledge to look for an old and decrepit ship where he would load the country’s hardened criminals, especially drug lords, and tow this to the middle of the Pacific Ocean where he would leave them with enough rice and hook, line and sinker to catch fish and feed themselves.

It is no different than his warning to criminals to choose between leaving Davao City voluntarily, get jailed or end up in funeral parlours.

It is no different than his pronouncement that if he becomes President, he would reimpose the death penalty by hanging criminals and drug lords in public using electric wires so that it would be “inexpensive.”

Duterte is the ultimate practitioner of dry humour and sarcasm.

Just what did he mean when he said that he would support Binay should he be disqualified from running for the Presidency?

Simply interpreted, Duterte was just saying that administration candidate Manuel Roxas III is totally unacceptable as President of the Philippines.

Duterte was simply emphasising that a man accused of stealing billions in people’s money is a lot better than Roxas.

A thief over Roxas is sarcasm in the most sarcastic degree.

This is the language of Duterte and people who could not fathom the depth of his sarcasm and his dry humour would forever be taken for a ride.

The ticket to the free ride is plain and simple idiocy.

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