Avenue One

Featurette of Avenue One Hotel:
“The story of how the place came to be is a story of wanderlust and tireless travelers. The founders dreamed of delivering value-for-money in their neck of the woods. From Bangkok to Hong Kong and from Manila to Paris,  the genesis of Avenue One is birthed from the need to do away with the bewildering confusion of travel. The establishment is a fulfillment of their bewildering frustration in searching for the right place to stay. It embodies the dream that every global wanderer seeks in any hotel: the perfect blend of comfort, security, price and flexibility.  

The hotel caters to jet-setters and wanderers of all kinds. From our backpacker rooms to our luxurious Executive suites, we offer the widest range of options for guests to choose from. Whether you’re a budget-conscious trekker or a family looking for a place to stay for a few days, the hotel goes the extra mile to provide comfort.  For business or for leisure,  guests can relax and stay with our guaranteed hospitality regardless of which room you stay. 

Visitors and guests will be stunned with the class and elegance the small hotel from the boondocks provides. The commitment to detail and quality is comparable to chain hotels in big cities. The institution provides signature bed sheets from Calvin Klein to Murillo’s and houses Kenneth Cobonpue and Tugunon’s world class furniture. The hotel carries over the trend-setting spirit of its founders. Over the months, the hotel is establishing itself as a must-see detour featuring domestic and international art works. The fashionista trend of the owners is plain for all to see with its feature of indigenous art sharply contrasting with its Western influence. “

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