Duterte, Cayetano team up for 2016

The much-awaited campaign of Davao City Mayor Rodrigo “Digong” Duterte is finally gearing for a nationwide campaign. After much heehaw and second-guessing the nation’s second most will he or won’t he dramatic arc is come to a resounding conclusion. His official candidacy comes after his substitution of fellow PDP partymate Martin Dino’s presidential nomination forms. After many months of speculation the newest candidate in presidential  horse race is throwing his hat into the ring. The patriarch and long-term Mindanao politician previously denied that he was seeking for higher office.

According to Mayor Rodrigo, he is forced to run for office to challenge the alleged insult to the Constitution that is Grace Poe’s candidacy. Despite disqualification attempts and legal cases being filed against the alleged Davao Death Squad honcho, the COMELEC en banc upheld the legality of the highly irregular nomination.  As of this writing the COMELEC is upholding Duterte’s right to substition with a 6-1 majority. Whether or not the Supreme Court is standing by with the COMELEC’s opinion remains to be seen.

Shockingly, the #duterteserye saga is still befuddling observers. Where most pundits believed that the tough-talking, pope-cursing “Punisher” of Davao would campaign alongside with BongBong Marcos, the 65-year old political veteran is campaigning with Senator Alan Peter Cayetano.  The duo are currently campaigning nationwide with the agenda of Federalism, abolition of conctractualization, crushing criminality and fighting corruption. The two executive candidates met with the candidates of Hugpong – Davao del Sur  and other allies in the province as the team  last December 18.

The Hugpong party of the Cagas clan is not connected with the namesake coalition of the Duterte’s in Davao City.

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